Sokratous 2, Mesa Geitonia, 4006, Limassol, Cyprus

DeFi Stakeholders Ltd
Crypto Investment and Financial Analysis made simple
Who we are
We are a Global Fund Management Company with a presence in the U.S, Mexico, Belgium and Greece. Our HQ is in Limassol, Cyprus and we specialise in Financial Investments. Our expertise derives from over a decade of investing in Global Markets, Derivatives and Cryptocurrencies.
How we do it
We use a mix of products and services and we combine Cryptocurrencies with traditional financial products to achieve high performance. Our expertise is on Yield Farming where we generate most of our results. We combine traditional markets with cryptocurrencies and we achieve optimum efficiency.
Years of Business
DeFi Stakeholders Ltd.
Our services
Services for the crypto-currency industry. Yield Farming, Staking, Recommendations and Portfolio Management.
Discover our NFT Proposal and the official presentation of the project here!
Yield Farming

We farm your stablecoins or cryptocurrencies and achieve a high performance that ranges from 20% up to 25% per annum.


We stack your cryptos and deliver rates of returns that only a handful of companies can deliver.

Portfolio Management

We advise you on how to optimize and grow your portfolio efficiently and navigate you with our consulting services.


We educate you on what the crypto-environment is and what you need to do in order to efficiently trade and gain profits.

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